Soul Art

Have you ever felt as though someone was staring at you and sure enough when you look, someone was looking at you? Without using your eyes, you picked up on their energy and it was focused on you.  That is your intuition at work. We all have the ability, it just requires fine tuning and building. What about when you think of someone all day and contact them to find out they were also thinking of you all day. That is an energetic connection. You can't explain it, but it is there.

Through energy training I have learned how to harness and connect with someone's energy and express what I feel through paint, which words can't always express.  It has nothing to do with what you physically look like or your emotional energy.  If you are feeling depressed or angry and worry that your painting would be muddy colours, I can assure you it will not be. I'm not painting your emotions, I'm focused on the infinite beauty and essence you hold inside of you. 


It in an honour and joy for me to empower others in showing them how truly unique and beautiful their soul is. Some examples are below. Unfortunately the camera used did not capture the intensity of all the colours. These were commissioned works. 

Q:  Will I feel you connecting to me?

A:   Before connecting to someone I always invoke the intention of protection and healing and you will not feel anything other than a loving energy being focused towards you. Some people feel nothing at all.  You can't take on my energy or any negative energy from me.  I only need to connect with you for five minutes for a intuitive visual.  I can do this long distance and you do not need to meet with me in person. 

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